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Golf Ventures Announces Early Order Program for Golf Course Accessories
Posted on Thursday, September 03, 2015
Golf Ventures Grows Ornamental Landscaping Business
Posted on Monday, August 31, 2015
Golf Ventures Forms International Division
Posted on Sunday, August 09, 2015
Golf Ventures Expands Services
Posted on Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Accessory Early Order Program
Save up to 15%, with free shipping on Par Aide and Standard orders. Hurry - Offer ends 12/15/2015.
Click for more information.

  Dave's Deal of the Month
Dave "Big Deal" Allison, our warehouse manager, has created great deals and unique offers for our customers. Save 20% or more - click the image to the left to the reveal his special offer this month September: Complete set of Flagsticks, Cups, Flags for $499

Never Second Guess Again with Playbooks for Golf
A simple solution to your spray documentation and coverage needs. Never wonder again about product duration with Playbooks or Golf’s Coverage System. It’s easy, all the work is done for you and an easy to understand and view coverage summary of each spray you put out on the course is provided. Plus easy access to all product labels, soil reports, square footage, weather, and more.
  Featured T&O Product
25 years of applied research have consistently proven Sustane Natural Fertilizers to be the leader in plant establishment, soil physical improvement and bilogical disease suppression. Sustane Triple Four is made from a thorough, aerobic composting process unlike any other organic fertilizer on the world market today.

TriCure: Still the Most Effective Soil Wetting Agent
Under extreme conditions, weaker products often fail with harmful consequences. TriCure AD has proven effective under the harshest conditions and at the lowest application rates, and is backed by both university reasearch and thousands of users.


Increase Income with Standard Golf's Target System
Boost your income and your reputation as a short game specialist with Standard Golf's Short Game Target System! Help customers improve their game where it counts!The Target System is perfect for individual and group lessons with its versatility and simple setup.

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